Features of lipomas

Lipomas appear in any place where fat tissue is but more often on the back, stomach, legs, arms, head. In 98% of all cases, lipomas are located under the skin and are easy to remove, and in 2% they could be in deep soft tissue, usually between the muscles. Such tumors are isolated in most cases, and if they are multiple and symmetrically located, it could be a sign of genetic predisposition.

Lipomas are most common among people over 30 years. They can vary in sizes. Lipomas are slowly, but constantly growing, thus one must remove the tumor, in the end.

Diagnostics of lipomas

Lipomas are visually diagnosed based on the clinical evidence. Under-skin tumors are round or lobular soft jelly-like lumps, moving easily with slight finger pressure, painless. Patients don’t usually suffer from these lumps until they grow to the size causing a cosmetic defect or pressing the nerves of the surrounding tissue thus causing pain.

It’s harder to diagnose tumors located deep under the skin. In these cases, some additional examinations are used – ultrasound, puncture biopsy.

Treatment of lipomas

Lipomas are removed only with a surgery. It must be fully remove or it might recur after the procedure.  Even though lipomas rarely turn into a malign tumor, doctors highly recommend to remove them, because the smaller the tumor is, the more esthetic scar is left after the procedure.

Sooner or later a lipoma will have to be removed, however, there are some certain direct indications for the surgery, including:

  • fast-growing tumor.
  • Lipoma is causing pain.
  • Large size of a lipoma.
  • Location near neurovascular
  • Cosmetic defect bothering a patient.

Methods of lipoma removal

  1. Surgical method – this method is used to treat large lipomas. This procedure sometimes must be performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is used only for small tumors. An incision is made over the lipoma, then it’s enucleated along with a capsule. The cut is closed with bioresorbable sutures, then an aseptic dressing is applied. Thin drains are inserted, if a tumor was large. A scar is left after the surgery, which fades away over some time.
  2. Radio-frequency method is used for treatment of small lipomas. Using Surgitron radio-surgical machine, the surgery goes with no pain or blood lowering the risk of post-surgery complications (infections, infiltration and suppuration of the tissue). A patient doesn’t have to stay in the hospital and his physical capacity is not affected with this method.

Thus, a certain method of lipoma removal is selected for each patient individually.

A price for removal:

  • radio-frequency or laser method — from 4.00 to 34.00 BYN for procedure;
  • surgery — 162,00 BYN for procedure.

A price for a surgeon oncologist consult is 25.00 BYN.

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