A scar is a process when skin tissue is replaced with connective (fibrous) tissue. A scar gets less vivid, flatter, less visible with time, but sometimes the tissue heals badly and the defect stays clearly defined for the rest of one’s life. There are a lot of reasons for that – wound abscess, high skin tightness after the wound ends were joined, immune status features of a patient and original disposition to noticeable scars, post- ambustial scars.

There are general and local factors affecting scar formation. General factors, besides genetic background and a state of the immune system, include patient’s age – regeneration processes go faster in young age, while they are significantly slower for old people. Local factors include damaged area (large wounds are most likely to heal with bad scars that need revision), type of a wound (a scar on cut wounds looks better than on ragged ones), blood supply to the wound tissue (wounds heal better on a head and face as these areas have better blood supply).

Surgical scar revision

Surgical scar revision is performed by an excision of bad deformed tissue. This procedure is possible only if the scar is not very wide and wound ends can be joined. An important condition for this procedure is that the scar must be at least 6-8 months old.

After removing the old scar tissue, a surgeon closes the wound once again. A special suture material with a thread thinner than a human’s hair is used. They use intradermic sutures to leave only a thread mark on the skin. After the surgery a patient only needs to avoid strenuous activities in the scar area and stay away from the UV light.

If the skin around the scar is tight, then a tissue expander – a special barrel that can be increased in volume – is inserted under the scar before its revision. It allows stretching the skin and then use it to cover the defect after the barrel is removed.

If the scar area is large, then a skin transplantation is performed. Nowadays one can significantly enhance a scar quality, sometimes even make it almost unnoticeable.

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