Contour plastics procedure

This type is used for the following cases:

  • Assymetrical lips shape – for example, lips are of different volume from the right and left side.
  • Thin lips.
  • Wrinkles around the upper lip.

Contour plastics is performed using injections of hyaluronic acid, biopolymer gels into the lips tissue, as well as with a lipofilling procedure. Modern hyaluronic acid is made from substances similar to those found in the body, they are unlikely to cause an inflammatory or rejection reaction preventing visible scars, lumps and allergy reactions. The substance will dissolve and fully derive in time, that’s why the procedure can be repeated several times.

The procedure with biopolymer gels is similar, however the effect is permanent. The result is visible in two days, while a final effect can be rated in 2 weeks when all the swelling is gone. The duration of the augmentation depends on the substance, it’s usually about half a year, and then the procedure might be repeated.

Lipofilling procedure is performed by injecting fat from a patient’s body (from the belly or tights, for example) into the lips. In comparison to the plastic procedure with biogels, lipofilling is a surgical procedure and it’s usually performed under general anesthesia. The surgery is made in two steps. First, fat is taken from the body (liposuction), then it’s processed in a special way, meaning fat cells are separated from blood cells or medical drugs. Second, these cells are injected into the lips tissue using a syringe. That is the end of the surgery, and if the patient feels well, he or she can leave the hospital in a few hours after the procedure. Some special features of the lipofilling procedure are as follows: not all fat cells can assimilate in a new place, that’s why they take them more than needed, so a patient can rate the final result only in 3-4 months when it’s clear what part of the transplanted tissue is well adapted. In some cases, lips might become assymetrical, then another procedure is required.

Surgical lips plastics


  • benign neoplasms on lips – papillomas, fibromas, cysts, etc.
  • Thins lips.
  • Results of the previous lips plastic surgeries.
  • Drooping lower lip.
  • Mouth corners adherence.
  • Gummy smile.

Bullhorn technique is used for lowering the skin part of the upper lip. This surgery is prescribed for people with a prolonged upper lip or with a dropping upper lip caused by aging processes. A narrow bull horn shaped excision of skin immediately beneath both nostrils is made, and closing the wound ends lifts the right, central, and left portions of the upper lip and the lip is slightly turned outwards. The surgery usually takes up to 30 minutes under local anesthesia.

VY technique is performed under general or local anesthesia. A V-shaped incision is made on the inner side of the lip Then a lower part of V-shaped flap is slightly moved up, so that a surgeon can sew it up in Y shape. A W-shaped incision might be used to create a greater lips volume while the accent is made on the central part of the lip. If a patient wants to enhance her lips evenly, then several V-shaped incisions along entire lip are made. However, the lips volume won’t be enhanced much using this approach.

Parisian technique includes V-shaped incision in both vertical and horizontal directions. After this surgery lips will look plump with a clearly defined contour and prominent mount in the center.

Post-op rehabilitation

Patients might experience some discomfort, for example, pains or skin tightness near stitches, after the lips surgery. It’s recommended to restrain from hard, hot or spicy food in this case. One should also follow oral hygiene care. Stiches are removed in one week. Swelling and bruises are usually mild and disappear in a few days.

If the surgery is performed under general anesthesia, the following MEDICAL TESTS are required:

  1. Complete blood count + blood platelets + coagulability (valid for 10 days)
  2. Blood type, Rh factor
  3. Coagulogram (valid for 10 days)
  4. Urine test (valid for 10 days)
  5. RWblood test (valid for 1 month) 
  6. Fluorography (valid for 12 months)
  7. Blood tests for hepatitis B, C (valid for 1 month)
  8. Biochemical blood test (total protein, sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, BUN, creatinin, glucose, TB, DB, AST, ALT, chlorides) (valid for 10 days)
  9. ECG with a breakdown (statement of a cardiologist if needed) (valid for 1 month)
  10. Statements of narrow specialists (endocrinologist, cardiologist, therapist, etc. upon readings)(valid for 14 days)
  11. Statement of a therapist for patients older than 50 years (valid for 14 days)
  12. Breast ultrasound + examination of an onco mammologist (valid for 1 month)
  13. In case of chronical diseases – an abstract of outpatient medical record with a statement of a therapist (valid for 14 days)


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