Vulvar lips intimate plastics

Labiaplasty is a surgery for correcting small and large vulvar lips shape. A surgery for reduction of small vulvar lips is performed most often. Lips are considered to be enlarged if they length is more than 5 cm while stretched. Lips can get enlarged due to an increased level of androgens in blood and due to changes caused by aging atrophic processes. Vulvar lips asymmetry is a common defect of outer genitals among women that can be corrected thanks to intimate surgery.

A surgeon makes a V-shaped or wedge-shaped excision of hypertrophic parts to reduce small lips, then makes sutures with absorbable stiches. Big vulvar lips can be reduced with a help of liposuction, and enlarged – by transplantation of patient’s own fat.


Vaginoplasty is the most popular surgery among women after the labour. Indications for the surgery include stretching of one or both vagina walls (front and back) or vaginal prolapse. Scars after traumas and perineal rupture can deform a vagina, in this case the entrance to the vagina must be extended.

There are different types of vaginoplasty – front, back and combined – depending on the volume of the surgery and correction area. The goal of the plastic surgery is to reduce the vagina in size and tighten perineal muscles up to solve medical problems (uterine and vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence).

MEDICAL TESTS required for the surgery:

  1. Complete blood count + blood platelets + coagulability (valid for 10 days)
  2. Blood type, Rh factor
  3. Coagulogram (valid for 10 days)
  4. Urine test (valid for 10 days)
  5. RWblood test (valid for 1 month) 
  6. Fluorography (valid for 12 months)
  7. Blood tests for hepatitis B, C (valid for 1 month)
  8. Biochemical blood test (total protein, sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, BUN, creatinin, glucose, TB, DB, AST, ALT, chlorides) (valid for 10 days)
  9. ECG with a breakdown (statement of a cardiologist if needed) (valid for 1 month)
  10. Statements of narrow specialists (endocrinologist, cardiologist, therapist, etc. upon readings)(valid for 14 days)
  11. Statement of a therapist for patients older than 50 years (valid for 14 days)
  12. In case of chronical diseases – an abstract of outpatient medical record with a statement of a therapist (valid for 14 days)
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