Kudin Mikhail Pavlovich — surgeon of the first qualification category.

He graduated from the Grodno State Medical Institute (1999-2005) with a Diploma with Distinction.

2006-2008 – clinical residency in Surgery (Belarusian State Medical University).

Work experience:

2008-2014 – thoracic surgeon of Thoracic and Surgical Septic Thoracic Department (National and Municipal Center of Thoracic Surgery).

2011-2014 — part-time surgeon at Medlaz VPK laser center.

Since 2014 – works in Astarta Plus Clinic of Plastic Surgery Private Medical Enterprise.

He has scientific publications (articles, theses in magazines), is a co-author of “Method of bi pectoral myoplasty of the thoracic wall deficiency after breastbone near-total resection” patent. He is doing an active research work, working on a research paper, have passed minimum requirements for a Candidate’s degree.

Main directions of work:

  • Anti-age face surgery (lift of different face zones, blepharoplasty, lipofilling);
  • Combination of surgical methods with contour correction, laser technologies and injection methods);
  • Body plastic surgery: liposuction, abdominalplasty, labioplasty, otoplasty, scar revision;
  • Removal of benign skin lumps and subcutaneous fat: hemangiomas, papillomas, nevi, lipomas, atheromas, fibromas.

He regularly takes advanced medical courses in the Belarusian State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and abroad to upgrade his qualification, as well as takes part in Belarusian and international scientific and practical conferences.