Acute pharyngitis and its treatment

Acute pharyngitis commonly develops as a co-existing disease, rather than an independent one. It’s caused by different external irritants (smoking, cold air, alcohol, food) and is divided into a virus and bacterial form, more seldom – allergic and traumatic.

A patient suffers from such symptoms of pharyngitis as burning or tickling sensation in the throat, dry sore throat, dry cough, pain and discomfort, feeling of a “foreign matter” in the throat. Pain can get worse when  swallowing, it can shoot up in the ear if inflammation goes to tubopharyngeal swabs. The body temperature is rather low or within normal. The throat mucous membrane has a bright red color, is swollen, can have puromucous furs in some places.

The symptoms of pharyngitis must be killed to treat the disease. A patient must stick to a sparing diet (exclude sour, spicy, salty, too hot and cold food), as well as stop smoking and drinking alcohol. It’s recommended to drink a lot, preferably berry fruit-drinks.

Acute pharyngitis therapy includes antiseptic medicine: Furacilin and Iodinol solutions are used for throat wash, Inhalyptum, Cameton sprays – for the back of the throat, lubricate it with Lugols solution. Alkaline inhalations (soda solutions) are good for alleviation of the disease. Antifebrile drugs are prescribed for a high body temperature, antibiotics –  in case of bacterial pharyngitis. Antihistamine medicine, immunostimulative drugs, vitamins can be additionally prescribed.

Chronic pharyngitis and its treatment

Chronic pharyngitis develops as a result of long-lasting harmful factors or bad treatment of an acute stage of the disease. It’s classified depending on the changes of the mucous membrane. Thus, there is a catarrhal, hypertrophic and atrophic pharyngitis. Chronic pharyngitis most commonly develops among patients with chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, and among those who have undergone a tonsillectomy procedure.

Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis are mostly similar to those of acute one. The difference is that there is no fever and such bodily reactions as weakness, atony, loss of appetite. One more special feature – in case of catarrhal and hypertrophic forms patients often swallow because of tickling and feeling of a “foreign matter” in the throat, while, on the contrary, patients with atrophic pharyngitis experience difficulties with so called empty swallowing. From time to time tenacious mucus accumulates on the back of the throat, which creates hard crusting on atrophic mucous.

Ambulant treatment is used for this kind of pharyngitis. It’s important to treat the causes of the disease, particularly, chronic pathologies (sinusitis, rhinitis, gastritis, cholecystitis) triggering pharyngitis. Local therapy is aimed to eliminate the symptoms. Thus, treatment of chronic pharyngitis is a long-lasting process.

As a rule, antibiotics are prescribed for aggravation of a chronic form. A patient must systematically take drugs (penicillins, macrolides) in case of intense symptoms, and locally (Bioparox) – if not. The same way as for acute pharyngitis, antiseptic solutions and herbal decoctions are used to wash the throat. Doctors recommend to lubricate the throat with Lugols solution on glycerin or collargol. Various fast-disintegrating pills and pastilles (Septolete, Faringosept) can enhance the local treatment.

Physiotherapeutic procedures are also recommended for the chronic pharyngitis treatment – UHF, inhalation, electrophoresis, magnet and laser therapy. One should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for a better effect, use individual protective means in hazardous environment.

Thus, pharyngitis is a disease causing discomfort to our patients. The doctors in our center can fix this problem and take the most advanced cases. A complex therapy that we use guarantees that you’ll soon bring your well-being back.

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