ORT specialist in Minsk. Consult, diagnostics and treatment

Zatoloka Dmitriy Aleksandrovich
Ph.D., associate professor

  Tchaikovsky Vladimir Viktorovich
Ph.D., associate

Patients don’t usually take ORT problems seriously, and such problems as a runny nose, cough or ear congestion become an inherent part of many people’s lives, especially in winter, and are considered as normal. However, a good rule of thumb is that it’s not always like this. An ongoing infection, as well as frequent backsets often lead to more serious complications being hard to treat.

The doctors working in our clinic have the highest qualification category, are Ph.D. Medicine, associate professors. They regularly upgrade their expertise, learn the latest achievements of modern otorhinolaryngology in order to use the most advanced technologies in practice.

Both adults and children can have a consult with an ORT specialist in our clinic. High-tech modern equipment and vast experience of the doctors allow performing a full-scale examination of ear, throat and nose and assigning a corresponding therapy.

The following ORT services are provided in Astarta Plus Clinic of Plastic Surgery:

  1. Treatment of chronic rhinitis, including allergic.
  2. Sinusitis treatment.
  3. Surgeries on nasal septum correction.
  4. Excision of polypuses and cysts from the nasal sinuses and cavity.
  5. Pharyngitis treatment with modern approaches.
  6. Excision of foreign bodies from the oropharynx and hypopharynx.
  7. Acute and chronic laryngitis treatment.
  8. Otitis externa and otitis media treatment.
  9. Earwax blockage

Astarta Plus is made to provide the most effective help to its clients. Our sympathetic personnel strive to do everything possible to leave a pleasant impression on all visitors of our Clinic.