Characteristics of sebaceous cysts

Sebaceous cysts can be caused by blocked sebaceous glands, swollen hair follicles or its trauma, sebaceous glands traumas. For example, after a hair follicles trauma it might get blocked, while sebaceous glands continue their work and their secretion will strain a hair follicle turning it into a sebaceous cyst. Besides direct causes of sebaceous cysts, there might be some other stimulations such as genetic factors, elevated testosterone level, oily skin.

A patient should consult an oncologist or surgeon if there’s a thick lump up to 5 cm in diameter, floating, yellowish fluid is seen through its wall. If there’s an infection inside, then the skin beneath is inflamed, swollen, is hurting when touched. Sometimes a sebaceous cyst joins with the skin surface through a small hole that licks its fluid, often with a foul smell.

Treatment of sebaceous cysts

A sebaceous cyst is, in fact, a chronic site of infection causing complications. It seldom gets malign, but often infected. Burst of such an inflamed sebaceous cyst leads to infection spreading into surrounding tissues, sometimes can even lead to a phlegmon. That’s why it’s recommended to regularly treat sebaceous cysts while the cyst is not yet inflamed.

Sebaceous cysts are surgically treated. As a rule, these surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. The surgery itself takes about 20 minutes. However, it could take longer in case of an inflamed sebaceous cyst with an abscess.

Ways of sebaceous cysts excision

There are two variants of sebaceous cyst excision after a skin incision is made – a tumor can be enucleated together with a velum or, first of all, it’s opened and the fluid is removed, then a velum is enucleated. Just opening the velum is not enough, it must be removed to prevent recurring. Different methods of sebaceous cyst excision depend on an instrument that s skin incision is made with – a scalpel, laser or radiosurgical knife.

After the tumor is removed, they perform hemostasis – to stop the bleeding, the cut is treated with the preservative and closed. A cosmetic stich is performed for sebaceous cysts on the face, while double stiches are used for constantly moving boy parts, for example, on the lower back. A dressing is applied depending on the location – a dressing is used for the body parts contacting with clothes, while it’s not required for hairy parts of the head.

It’s impossible to remove a sebaceous cyst if it’s inflamed and turned into an abscess. In this case the abscess is opened up, suppuration is evacuated, a newly formed cavity is washed up and drained. A scar is left, as the cut heals with secondary intention. It’s required to repeat the surgery in some time (in about 3 months) to remove the rest of the sebaceous cyst velum.

Traditional and advanced technologies combined with highly qualified doctors make sebaceous cyst excision procedure ultimately safe for the patient.

Prices for the excision procedure:

  • radio-frequency method or laser—from 4.00 to 34.00 BYN for excision;
  • surgery — 162,00 BYN for excision.

A price for an oncology surgeon’s consult is 25.00 BYN.

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