Characteristics of benign and malign skin tumors

Cells of benign lumps loose the control over their division while going through transformation while preserving an ability to differentiate, meaning they still differ from each other. Thus, healthy and tumor cells on this skin part are alike. They can even perform their natural functions in some extent. Benign skim lumps grow slowly and never destroy the surrounding tissue, but moving them aside instead. Recurrences happen seldom after surgical resection.

Malign cells can control neither division, nor differentiation processes. They are so different from normal cells that sometimes it’s hard to find a source of the tumor. Such lumps grow fast, invade the surrounding tissue, metastasize. They are more likely to recur comparing to benign tumors.

Types of benign skin tumors

There are a lot of noncancerous skin tumors. Some of them are easy to diagnose as they have their specific features (papillomas, lipomas, hemangiomas), while others are hard to distinguish from malign processes.

Types of benign skin tumors:

Nevi – hyper-pigmented flat or slightly standing out lesions. They have a solid color, are circumscribed, don’t itch or hurt. Might be congenital or acquired.

Fibromas – smooth isolated dark-red lesions, thick, up to 1 cm in diameter and slightly standing out. More commonly met among women, are caused by a mechanical trauma.

Papillomas – clearly circumscribed lesions on a thin leg or wide basis, can be of different colors and have uneven surface. They can be isolated or multiple, commonly appear on the face, neck and breast.

Hemangiomas – vascular tumors, commonly called purpura. They can be capillary and cavernous. They look like spots, while capillary hemangiomas are bright-red and cavernous are darker, livid. They commonly appear on face skin and hairy part of the head. They’re mostly met among girls, are often congenital.

Atheromas – sebaceous cysts caused by blocked canals. They are thick, elastic lesions, flexible, clearly separated from the surrounding tissue. There is sebaceous matter with cast-off epithelium cells inside atheromas. They prone to get infected and festered.

Treatment of skin lesions

One must consult an oncologist regarding any lesions on the skin. A surgical approach in benign skin tumors treatment is preferred, as it allows to eliminate a cosmetic defect and prevent a malignant change (turning into a malign tumor).

There are other modern technologies of tumor removal – electrocoagulation (based on thermal action), laser coagulation (based on one-wave light with high fluence treatment), radio-frequency method (based on high-frequency waves treatment), cryolysis (use of liquid nitrogen).

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