What one needs to know about papillomas

Papillomas look like isolated or multiple skin growths with an uneven surface, sometimes pedunculated, growing outward. A papilloma can have the color of the skin, sometimes it can be dim-gray or brown. Pedunculated lesions are easily moving. Papillomas can vary in size from 3 mm to 3 cm, the surface is mostly uneven, partly cornified. Papillomas grow slowly, then stop when a certain size is reached.

Papillomas are caused by human papillomavirus infection. By the way, this virus also causes verrucas and pointed condylomas. It’s transmitted through physical contact and sometimes prenatally – from a mother to a child. Moreover, a virus is prone to cause local lesions development, as well as affects nearby skin.

Should one remove a papilloma?

Papillomas in most cases are not ontologically dangerous. If their number and size don’t increase, they are located in placed covered with clothes and are not injured, then they can be left untreated.

Most patients want to remove papillomas for aesthetic reasons. Papillomas can also be removed for prevention reasons, if they are located in the areas of high trauma risk (lower back, collar zone) or cause pain.

Methods of papillomas removal

A surgeon-oncologist can use different methods of treating papillomas – surgical incision, laser removal and radio-frequency treatment. A surgical approach is rarely used, papillomas are mostly removed with laser and radio-frequency method.

A laser procedure removes papillomas quickly, carefully and with no blood.

The radio-frequency method also shows good results. In this case, papillomas are removed due to the tissue coagulation with radio wave energy generated by Surgitron machine. A papilloma is removed on the peduncular level, its surface gets a dark scab that falls away in a few days leaving no scars. The advantages of this method include high precision, absence of complications, good recovery, material sampling for biopsy.

A price for removal:

  • radio-frequency or laser method — from 4.00 to 34.00 BYN for procedure;
  • surgery — 162,00 BYN for procedure.

A price for a surgeon oncologist consult is 25.00 BYN.

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