Hemangiomas among newborns

It’s the most common benign tumor in an infant age. Congenital hemangiomas among newborns can be of large sizes. They are two times more often met among girls. In 80% cases it has only one location on the body, in 20% – are situated in several places. Red spots can increase in size proportionally to a kid’s growth.

In one third of all cases the tumor regresses before 5-6 years. However, doctors recommend not to leave this process unattended and keep it supervised from time to time. It’s noted that preterm babies have a tendency towards a rapid growth of hemangiomas.

Thus, it’s recommended to remove a purpura is it’s growing fast, located near sense organs and genitals, if it causes a physiological discomfort. Contraindications include:

  • Infections.
  • Inflammatory skin diseases.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Malign tumors.

How to remove a hemangioma?

An appearance of a hemangioma depends on its location, level of derma involvement into a pathologic process, as well as stage of development (growth and regression stages). Hemangiomas can be flat and outstanding. A simple skin hemangioma is clearly circumscribed and affects the surface of the tissue only on some millimeters. Another type is a cavernous hemangiomas that is located under the skin and looks like an isolated vascular knot, the skin above it has a blue color. It’s not dermatologists who treat it.

When removing a hemangioma, a doctor must fully remove a lesion and create a breeding ground for recovery, as there is no healthy skin under a hemangioma.

Laser treatment is good for vascular lesions, as a laser ray starts a coagulation process and walls of blood vessels stick together. In 10-20 minutes vessels become invisible. After the procedure, skin might get red and vessels get darker, it will all go away in 6-8 days. This method minimizes a risk of tumor recurrent. Laser can remove a hemangioma from mucous membranes.

Cryotherapy or cold treatment, with liquid nitrogen, in particular. It’s a proper method to remove a hemangioma if it’s located on the surface. In this case, it’s possible to remove the lesion fully, however, there might be a little scar left after several procedures.

Surgical incision is performed in case of large lesions that have spread inside the tissue. Doctors can also perform electrocoagulation and sclerotherapy (injections of alcohol solution triggering a process of tumor replacing with connective tissue).

If a tumor is growing fast and is dangerous, then doctors implant magnesium particles there or administer glucocorticosteroid hormones. These procedures can slow down the tumor tissue from growing if hemangiomas are extensional.

A price for removal:

  • radio-frequency or laser method — from 4.00 to 34.00 BYN for procedure;
  • surgery — 162,00 BYN for procedure.

A price for a surgeon oncologist consult is 25.00 BYN.

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