Oncology studies mechanisms of tumor development, their diagnostics, treatment and prevention. According to their type and form, tumors are divided into benign and malignant. Any tissue and body parts are subjected to tumors, while tumors themselves can appear as polypuses, papillomas, intumescences, ulcers, and others.

Benign tumors are often treated with a surgery, while malignant ones need a combined treatment (X-ray therapy, chemotherapy, surgery), as their cells breed fast and spread metastatic. Tumors diagnosed at early stages can be treated and have a positive prognosis. That’s why it’s recommend to pay regular visits to a doctor to discover tumors still at their early stages of development.

One must remember:

If you have pale skin, a lot of moles on your body, you are easily sun-burnt and often visit sunrooms, then you are recommended to visit an oncologist starting from 20 years.

All women over 20 years must check breasts by touch themselves, and over 40 years – to have a mammography once per year.

There are following services available in Astarta Plus Plastic Surgery Clinic:

  1. Treatment of sebaceous cysts
  2. Treatment of fibroadenomas of breast
  3. Treatment of skin tumors
  4. Removal of hemangiomas
  5. Removal of lipomas
  6. Removal of moles
  7. Removal of papillomas

Every person should carefully look after his or her health and visit a doctor in case of any suspicions or worsening signs. Proficient and experienced doctors will provide effective and high-quality help in treatment and diagnostics to all patients of our Clinic.