Astarta Plus Clinic of Plastic Surgery Private Medical Enterprise is a modern medical center in Minsk providing medical services not only for residents of Belarus, but for residents of the CIS and other foreign countries too.

We provide services in three main medical fields:

  1. plastic (esthetic) surgery;
  2. ORT services: consults, therapeutic and surgical treatment;
  3. oncology.

We have doctors of the highest and first qualification category, Ph.D. Medicine, docents who have proved to be highly competent and experienced by numerous grateful patients.

Astarta Plus Clinic of Plastic Surgery has high-tech modern medical equipment. Surgery rooms and post anesthesia care units with monitoring supervision allow safe performing of any surgeries with anesthesia. After the surgery our patients can stay in comfortable wards supervised by qualified and friendly medical personnel.

High-tech modern equipment and vast experience of the doctors provide high performance and low risk of complications during and after the surgeries.

You can schedule a consult with our doctors to get more information.

клиника Астарта Плюс
Astarta Plus Clinic

кабинет оториноларинголога
ORT Room

в операционной
Surgery room

оснащение операционной
Surgery room equipment

ванная комната в палате
Bathroom in the ward

палата пробуждения
Post anesthesia care unit